January 12, 2017

The first review of the year is about the biggest speaker of the Sonus faber entry level collection, Principia 7.
Andrè Schwert from has tested our Principia 7 with a question in mind: how much remains of the Sonus faber values when price lowers?

The analysis assumes that Principia is Sonus faber’s second step towards a new market made by people who love Hi-Fi but do not choose higher range products. Providing an entry level product means by definition to find a compromise. In this case, comparing Principia to Sonus faber Chameleon, differences are found in design and finishes but not in sound.
The editor chief Olaf Sturm tested our Principia 7 high end loudspeakers, that prove their precision and measure in all frequencies.

As a summary:
With Principia 7 Sonus faber succeeds in keeping the quality of the brand on a convenient price range; in this way, the product becomes available for more and more people who can experience a new and peculiar sound. Design is refined and the sound accordance corresponds to what you expect from a made in Italy speaker. Pedantry and aggressiveness do not belong to Principia 7, which instead enlighten not a fragmented mosaic but a wonderful overall painting.”



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